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Agricultural Monthly Price for January 2019

• The wholesale price of mixed paddy was decreased by 4% month-on-month but increased 8% year-on-year. The price of mixed rice also was decreased by 9% month-on-month and also increased 11% year-on-year.

• The wholesale price of Jasmin (Mlis) paddy was decreased by 2% month-on-month and also increased by 28% year-on-year. The price of Jasmin rice also slightly increased by 1% month-on-month and increased 17% year-on-year.

• The price of fresh cassava increased 5% month-on-month but increased 23% year-on-year. The price of dried also increased 1.5% month-on-month and increased 10% year-on-year.


​ Administrator​​ | Friday 22nd Mar 2019